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Dogs Currently In Our Care

Please Note:

We urge you to READ each dogs profile rather than applying based on what the dogs look like. All our dogs require a specific type of home, which we have assessed based on their behaviour and needs, with input from our trainers, team and fosterers. When we ask for specific things in their profiles this is all done with the ultimate knowledge of this dog, not to try and exclude or offend anyone. So please do not risk disappointment by applying for a dog if you are unable to fit the criteria.

Some of these dogs are up for adoption straight away, and some we are taking Expressions of Interest (EOI) while they go through training or medical tests. We will note all the dogs we are only taking an EOI on. Please be aware this means there will be a time period until they are ready, so if you are wanting a dog immediately these dogs may not be for you! 

We try to keep this as up to date as possible, however sometimes time constraints make that hard. If you have seen a dog on our Facebook page and they are not featured here as yet you are still able to fill out our online application form and we can assess. 

Please ensure all applications are completed on this form, as we cannot conduct adoptions via Facebook, messenger or phone. 

If you would like to check out our adoption criteria or FAQs, click HERE


Click on the dogs pictures to see their profiles and the homes they are looking for

Please click the link below or for an application pack. We do NOT accept applications via text, Facebook or phone. 

If you adopt through CDRRNZ, we provide a lifetime support system. If you need advice on food, behaviour, anything...we are here to help. We also have a Facebook Parents Group so you can connect with other wonderful people who make the decision to take one of our incredible dogs into their home.

Note Please: If you have applied to adopt in the last 6 months and your details have not changed, we do not require a new application to be filled in. Please email and advise us you have previously applied, and what dog you would like to apply for.

Other Dogs For Adoption

We work with, and support, some incredible shelters and rescues around New Zealand and we want to share some of the dogs they have for adoption.

Although we might not have the right dog for you, someone here might. Click their picture to find out more, and how to apply! 

Auckland Council Shelters

The Auckland Council Shelters do an incredible job of rehoming as many dogs as they can.
If we don't have the right dog for you, check them out!
Check them out on the link below.

Success Stories

In the words of our adopters


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