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Maeve & Her New Life!

Maeve - the timid sweetheart who waited over a year for her home!

Maeve has been a lovely addition to the family and is finding her feet getting used to her new environment, wasting no time in adopting her favourite resting places (especially our bed, doggie dreams included), appreciating all the tickles and scratches and isn’t fussy about anything she is fed, even spicy Dorito’s!

She follows her bestie Rocket everywhere as she’s worked out he’s the one that that gets breakfast and dinner served.

Maeve is getting used to her new routines and have started to see the odd sneaky tail twitch that we expect to turn into a full blown wag as she settles further.  

Although she still jumps at the slightest noise or quick movement she is starting to move on quicker each time.

We look forward to seeing how she develops over the next few months.

Maeve was adopted April 2023 after 400 days in our care


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