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Foster Information

Fostering FAQs

Where do I need to live to foster?

We are looking for Auckland foster homes only as this is close to our team, vets, trainers and support network. 

There are many amazing rescues around New Zealand who would be happy to accept foster homes in their local area though!

Can I still foster if I work full time?

YES! Absolutely. Aside from the odd dog that requires someone home part of the day, the rest are all ok while you are at work.

Depending on your location and availability we can arrange a dog walker to help out as well.

What costs do CDRRNZ cover?

We cover everything! Whether the dog needs food, vet treatment or training, we cover it all.

Can I foster if I'm in a rental home?

Yes you can. We would just need something from your landlord stating you are allowed to foster/have a dog on the property.
We don't want to risk your landlord getting annoyed! 

Do I need to be experienced in behavioural and medical issues?

Not at all. While this is definitely helpful, we don't expect it. We will provide lots of information and support in both areas however.
We always match the foster home with the right dog to ensure success.

Can I foster if I have pets or children?

Absolutely! Foster homes with existing dogs, children, cats etc are great for foster dogs. They help the dogs socialise, and are more well rounded.

What kind of fencing do I need?

We take on a variety of dogs - big, small, young, old - so as long as they have a secure area we can make sure we match the right dog. We have had foster homes in rural areas also. Let us know what your situation is via our application form and we can chat further.

What support do CDRRNZ provide?

Our team are here to help with anything you may need. You will be assigned a team of Foster Coordinators who look after you and your dog. We also have a really active Facebook Group where we encourage our fosterers to post their journey with their foster dog.

What kind of training do I need to do with my foster dog?

We require all our dogs in foster to be crate trained (unless under exceptional circumstances). This helps to ensure they have a safe space to settle and feel comfortable, and for their transition from foster to their forever home.
We love seeing the basics like sit, down, stay and place done, along with leash training. These take time and consistency however you will be provided with full support and help with this. 
The main focus for our dogs is to ensure they are mentally healthy, without anxiety or any other issues, so we want to make sure our foster homes have the tools to ensure the dogs are doing their absolute best! 

Does CDRRNZ provide training and behaviour help?

Yes! We have an awesome team of trainers who love sharing their knowledge, alongside videos and tips that are in our foster group.

Can I adopt a dog I foster?

Of course! We always make sure it's the right fit, but we have got some amazing foster homes that have adopted their dogs. This is called a "foster fail". 

Will I get to choose my foster dog?

Our foster coordinators will reach out with photos and info about any dogs they believe will suit you, and you can let us know if you'd like to foster that dog.
You'll also be part of our exclusive foster Facebook group where we will post dogs needing foster homes as well, and you will be able to select a suitable dog from this.
Our focus is always on matching the right dog to your home, not just putting dogs anywhere and setting them and you up to struggle.

What if I want to have a holiday or a weekend away?

We don't want to stop anyone from living their life so as long as we have notice we will arrange alternative care for your foster dog. 
Some of our foster homes like to take their dogs on holiday which is nice too! 


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