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Our Boy Ted

Ahh what can I say about Ted? Probably that he is the bestest boy and we love him to absolute bits. When you start feeling like Elmira and just wanna squish them and love know you're obsessed.

I had been looking for a dog that would fit into our family and get along with our old dog. After contacting Chained dog they suggested that Ted would be the best fit.

They weren't wrong.
Our Teddy B is the bees knees!

I don't know a lot about Teds past. I do know that it wasn't a pleasant one. At one stage he landed in a pound and was due to be put down as they thought he was a pitbull. He was sprung from that joint just in time. 

He is the most forgiving boy. Ted has come from a life of abuse, he has the scars around his neck to prove it, but it doesn't stop him loving everyone.

He does some baggage. Ted doesn't like toys. He is afraid of squeaky toys. (he has leapt our 6 foot fence a couple times after we accidentally squeaked a toy).

Ted is however quite partial to an empty toilet roll.

After adopting Ted we found out I was pregnant. He would snuggly into my belly when we were relaxing on the couch.

We didn't have to worry about Ted around our baby. Quite often he would sleep beside the bassinet and would check on the baby if she cried.

Ted is happy to let Kaia (now 10 months) play with his toe beans (under supervision of course) . He just lies back and takes it.

Our sooky lala is the best guard dog. Giving a grunty "I see you" bark to anyone that comes to the front door.

There is nothing better than snuggling his velvet block shaped head.
He smiles when I arrive home. even if i have only popped to the shop for a quick minute. 

If anyone is thinking of adopting a rescue dog...Do It! They just need love and some patience. They will pay you back 10 fold with affection.

Cherie and family


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