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Diesels Story - In His Own Words


My Name is Diesel and I live with my family and a mountain of other animals, but it wasn't always like that.

I was once a dog on a chain. Lets not focus on that though because I didn't like that life much. 
I thought the best day was the day someone came and took me off the chain, because I got a ride in a car! I had no idea what was going to happen or where I was going but it was exciting, I love car rides.
I met people along the way, I had foster people to call my own. I met a guy that taught me how dogs were meant to behave, and then I met my family. Mum, Dad and 2 kid brothers and a fur sister named Indy.

Since I moved in we have had some ups and downs, there was a lot to learn. Understanding each other came with time.

So we do bird rescue, that took a bit of understanding for me. I was ok with chickens in the yard, but one day ducks came. I thought they were there to chase, but my mum explained to me that they were here to stay and we don't chase our friends. (but the cat chases me?)

The best part about my new life is, I get more car rides, I got a fur sister that's fun to play with (but sometimes she takes my treats) Birds can be fun, (the pigeon that lives here included). I love sleeping on the couch with someone to cuddle up too. Oh, and the guy called granddad comes to visit and he has the best lap to nap on. 

I have friends. I have nick names. I have the choice of being inside or outside. I have more than one bed. I have a fire for winter. I have free roam of the property. 

I love my life.


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