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Jake's Story

Have had Jakey since July this year. My little tripod is a crack up. He’s got big brother Buzzy showing him the ropes. Not sure that’s the best idea….lol 

But having a deaf little one has been a bit of a challenge but we are all still learning, and it doesn’t matter how many times you say something, you stand and look at yourself and go good one…. he no listen…lol

Jakey has had a name change given to him from a close friend. Due to his floppy ears he’s now known as Jar Jar Binks. 

So owning a café has given Jakey (Jar Jar) a new dieting regime. He is very fond on oysters, and asparagus…..And pretty partial to Sausages and bacon…..

I can’t tell you how much my rescue dogs mean to me. Unconditional love is what makes it such a pleasure to have them in my life, and I would never change this at all.


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