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Hi, I’m Tiny – affectionately known as Tony, actually. 

My nickname means “worthy of praise” and “god like warrior.”  

Perfect for ME! 

I’m an 11-year-old unique bundle, living with my foster family in Auckland.  

I have NO idea I’m a chihuahua though. I’m a mastiff, if you ask me! 

I had a rough start in life and I taught myself how to communicate. 

It’s true! I created my own language of growls and grumbling. 

If you’re scratching me, and I’m happy, I’ll growl.  

And I’ll grumble when I’m sad too. 

Those in my inner circle know exactly what I’m saying! 

My foster mum thinks I’m pretty exceptional. 

Like her, I’m selective about my humans and I don’t like the types that get up in my face! 

If you’ve been accepted into my elite club, you’ll sure know about it. 

If you’re patient, respectful and give me my space, I’ll love you endlessly.  

I’ll jump up on the couch and snuggle right into you, like a baby.  

My foster mum says I’m part cat though – since cuddling sessions are on MY terms.  

I like to get to know people in my OWN time. That’s how I roll. 

And you might assume – with me being so cute and all – that I’d love being picked up and scrunched.  

Nope. I had an incident, with a car, in the past, so now I hate being picked up. If you want a dog to carry round, I’m not the one for you! 

I’m good round kids, when we’re out and about, but I wouldn’t want to live with them.  

I like my space too much. I’m an independent man, you see.  

I may be a senior – and I have an old man walk – but don’t that fool you. 

I’m still an energetic dude!  

I still LOVE my car rides, walks and adventuring round the place.  

I’m very social with other doggies, including the pack I live with – big and small.  

We’re all mates – especially Sharla – who you’ll also find on here.  

My foster mum thinks I could easily share my home with other doggies – whatever the size… just no boisterous canines please.  

They’re definitely not my jam. 

My greatest passion in life is hiding under things.  

I’ll go bury myself in another dog’s big squishy blanket.  

Oh yes – THAT is the ultimate! You will even hear me growling with contentment. 

I also LOVE my crate. What an amazing invention. It’s very important I have a crate. It’s my main hangout spot for the day. Ahh, I just love it! 

I’m very much a routine man. 

I have my dinner at 6.30pm and I get pretty excited about it, so I might bark in anticipation. 

I am grateful for the simple things in life. A big blanket, a nice walk and a long nap in my crate – that’s a top day for Tony! 

My foster mum wanted to warn you that I’m a quick learner.  

One time, she let me out to toilet at 4am and then I climbed up on the bed.  

So now, every morning, at 4am, I try to sneak up on the bed. THAT is the new standard, so let’s keep it up please! 

My foster mum thinks a quiet home for me would be best.  

I wouldn’t want a hectic life, with lots of comings and goings. 

I’d become the fun police and tell everyone off about it! 

A cat-free home is also best for me. I’m not a fan of the felines.  

So, if you’re a sucker for a guy that does things his own way – one that’s created an entire language of his own – I could be the perfect addition to your life. 


Can't adopt Tiny but still want to help? 

Although we charge a small adoption fee, this doesn't generally cover the costs of us getting our dogs ready for adoption. Desexing, grooms, vet care, vaccinations, registration, training and variety of other things can go into these dogs. If you'd like to help either on a one off or regular basis we would be grateful for your donation.


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