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Pakus Story

We were not in the market for another dog.Our beloved pitbull was nearing the end stages of life, and we had a small rescue pup. Huia was the only dog we have had from a puppy to senior years. Rescue has always been a thing with our whānau, and it has exposed us to the character and beauty of a wide range of  breeds.Then, up came Paku on a Facebook page for the CDRRNZ, and I fell in love. While clearly smitten, it took me three attempts to finally and formally apply for a dog whose breedin...

October 30, 2020

Happily Furever After - Lilica & Whanau

After losing our 2 dogs within a year of each other we needed time to grieve for our babies and made the decision not to get another dog for some time.  Well in January 2018 we saw a call for help from Chained dog for a lot of dogs that needed foster homes, after much discussion and our love for dogs and the thought of dogs possibly being euthanized due to not having a home meant we put our hands up to foster.  Well Miss Lilica landed in our lives on 26 January 2018, and as we exp...

December 2, 2019

Max - In His Mums Words

When I think of Max pre adoption I always picture the photo of him on the steps on the chain in his adoption ad – sad and hunched. This photo struck a cord with our whole family and we knew he was the dog for us and a new brother for our dog Moose.  To be honest I am not sure who is more grateful to Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ – us or Moose.  Moose loves having a little (big) brother and he takes that job seriously.  So much so that when Max got stuck in...

December 2, 2019

Diesels Story - In His Own Words

Hi. My Name is Diesel and I live with my family and a mountain of other animals, but it wasn't always like that.I was once a dog on a chain. Lets not focus on that though because I didn't like that life much. I thought the best day was the day someone came and took me off the chain, because I got a ride in a car! I had no idea what was going to happen or where I was going but it was exciting, I love car rides.I met people along the way, I had foster people to call my own. I met a guy t...

December 2, 2019

Buzzy Bear

The life and times of the Buzzy Bear. I first got involved with the chained dog society 7 years ago, when I adopted Buzzy. He was the biggest smooch of a pooch. He was always by my side thru thick and thin. A great brother to his sister who he adored. He loved to swim at the beach, bounding thru the water splashing his sister who wasn’t too keen on the water. His love is unconditional, loves his play dates with our friends dogs, and of course BBQ’s. Has a preference for Scotch fill...

December 2, 2019

Our Boy Ted

Ahh what can I say about Ted? Probably that he is the bestest boy and we love him to absolute bits. When you start feeling like Elmira and just wanna squish them and love know you're obsessed. I had been looking for a dog that would fit into our family and get along with our old dog. After contacting Chained dog they suggested that Ted would be the best fit. They weren't wrong.Our Teddy B is the bees knees! I don't know a lot about Teds past. I do know that it wasn't a pleasant one. ...

December 2, 2019

Jake's Story

Have had Jakey since July this year. My little tripod is a crack up. He’s got big brother Buzzy showing him the ropes. Not sure that’s the best idea….lol  But having a deaf little one has been a bit of a challenge but we are all still learning, and it doesn’t matter how many times you say something, you stand and look at yourself and go good one…. he no listen…lol Jakey has had a name change given to him from a close friend. Due to his floppy ears he’s now known...

December 2, 2019

Margo's Story

Margo is an amazing dog, from the minute she came to us our other dog Riley loved her! They love to wrestle and then cuddle up when they are tired. She was a bit full on with other dogs to begin with but has come along way with some training and now knows all her manners. We recently had a baby and I wasn't sure how either of them would be with him but Margo has been absolutely amazing.She is in love with Noah and is so gentle and respectful of him. She is always near him and keeping watch, whet...

December 2, 2019

Fostering Falcor

Fostering is helping your foster dog discover and navigate the outside world (most things will be the first time for them, a bit like Crocodile Dundee if you have seen it!).  Falcor is a bit clingy, uncertain, over excitable (which has to be managed well or it can be carnage) but he is so loving and adorable.People describe him as a bit ‘skittery', doggie daycare said he was like a loveable unruly toddler at first (!). Fostering requires a bit of time and patience, a lot of love and ...

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