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Fostering Falcor

Fostering is helping your foster dog discover and navigate the outside world (most things will be the first time for them, a bit like Crocodile Dundee if you have seen it!).  Falcor is a bit clingy, uncertain, over excitable (which has to be managed well or it can be carnage) but he is so loving and adorable.

People describe him as a bit ‘skittery', doggie daycare said he was like a loveable unruly toddler at first (!).

Fostering requires a bit of time and patience, a lot of love and understanding, (we did quite a bit of reading up on canine behaviour and rescue dogs) and training them on expected doggie behaviour in the outside world. 
Hamish said a fab quote - giving a dog a timeframe for 'learned behaviour' is setting yourself up for certain failure.

Seeing Falcor now happy, having fun and unchained, running freely, saying hello to other dogs without a care in the world has to be the most rewarding feeling.

Dogs truly are our best friend, you will have a loyal companion, chained dogs are also lots of fun and very loving, so why not give a chained dog a second chance at life and foster!


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