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20 New Lives Need Your Help



Rescue can be a bit of a rollercoaster so you need to roll with punches and expect the unexpected, which is exactly what happened on the 11th June.

We were asked to help by taking on a few pups who needed us. This few turned out to be 20!

As soon as we realised they were coming our team jumped into action, sorting foster homes, equipment and volunteers to help us get them cleaned and sorted.

This was a mammoth effort and most of our team didn't finish their day till well after dark, but it was all worth it to get these guys safe.

These pups are now warm and clean with full bellies, and starting their new lives in foster homes.

Now comes the next steps - vet checks, vaccinations, and dealing with any health related issues. Times this by 20 and it adds up to a lot!

So we need your help to give these pups the best!

Please consider donating, whether it's $1 or $100, it all counts! 

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