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Lickimat Slomo XL



Introducing the LickiMat Slomo XL – the ultimate treat-time solution for your beloved dog! Crafted to transform mealtime into a relaxing and enjoyable experience, the LickiMat Slomo XL offers a unique way to reduce anxiety and promote healthy eating habits in your pet.

Designed with larger dogs in mind, the Slomo XL features a spacious surface area that allows for slower feeding, reducing the risk of bloating and improving digestion. Its innovative design encourages your dog to savor every lick, making mealtime both mentally stimulating and satisfying.
The textured surface of the LickiMat Slomo XL promotes saliva production, which helps protect your dog's teeth and gums while aiding in the digestion process. By gently scraping away food particles and bacteria, also contributes to fresher breath and improved oral health.

Versatile and easy to use, the LickiMat Slomo XL accommodates a variety of treats and foods, including wet, dry, raw, and liquid options. Simply spread your dog's favourite treats across the surface, and watch as they engage in slow and mindful feeding, enriching their overall dining experience.

Ideal for use during mealtime, snack time, or even as a calming activity during stressful situations such as vet visits or thunderstorms, the LickiMat Slomo XL provides both mental stimulation and physical satisfaction for your furry friend.

Say goodbye to gulping and hello to slower, more enjoyable feeding with the LickiMat Slomo XL – because every meal should be a moment to savour for your dog.

In 6 stunning colours, there is something to suit everyone! 

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