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Chuckit Launcher Pro Max Glow 25M



Sometimes we lack time to get our dogs out and have to go out early morning or late night, and it's not so easy for our dog to see what we are throwing for them.

We can change that with the Chuckit Glow Launcher! 

The glow technology charges in just 5-10 minutes under any bright light. There is no need for a battery and once charged, you will have up to thirty minutes of glow for a game of fetch.

The durable plastic launcher firmly grasps any compatible Chuckit! Ball. The ergonomic grip handle allows for ease of holding and allows for a farther, faster throw along with a hands-free no-slobber pickup once your dog fetches the ball.

  • Launch Balls for Dogs Farther & Faster: This interactive dog toy upgrades the classic game of fetch by enhancing your throwing speed and distance with less effort. Your dog is challenged to run farther and faster with this ball launcher for dogs
  • Convenient & Slobber-Free: Designed to extend the reach of your arm, this tennis ball launcher reduces need to bend over to pick up muddy, slobbery balls. Includes a glow-in-the-dark, high-bounce Chuckit! Ball to extend the fetching fun well after sundown
  • Sizing matters: Compatible with 2.5" diameter tennis balls or medium Chuck it balls best for medium to large dogs, unless you have a determined shnauzer or shih tzu! 
  • Make Fetch Happen: ChuckIt! interactive dog toys are designed with you and your dog in mind to enrich the human-animal bond and help dogs stay active. 

Handle colours are selected at random as we don't know what colours we get.

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