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Sarai's Second Chance



Meet Sarai, she has a sad story and needs your help!

Sarai has been chained her entire life, she had been living outdoors and chained up with limited access (and at times no access) to shelter, food and water. She has lived a miserable, meaningless existence and has been severely neglected. She had contracted mange, which is a parasitic mite that eats away at her skin and has made her lose her coat and left her with incredibly itchy, flaky and sore skin. To top it all off, she has been fed very little, and at times would have gone days without anything to eat, she is very thin. She has also had puppies at some (or multiple) stages in her sad little life. 

We are so glad that we get to help dogs like Sarai to get a second chance at life. She is now in a nice foster home, living indoors with a bed and place to call her own and being shown what it is like to be a treasured family member. Shes getting love, attention and food, her mange is being treated and all of her other basic needs met that she didn't have for so long. You would think that Sarai, who has been shown the worst of humanity would be wary about people, but she's not at all. Shes absolutely adores humans, is amazing with the kids in her foster home and loves nothing more than a cuddle and pat. Her resilience is incredible. 

While she is definitely on the right track, we need your donations to help with her care. We rely solely on donations to fund our rescue. Her skin and physical condition is going to take time and money to fix. She is going to need lots of vet visits, and we may even find there is more work to be done. She will need speying, vaccinating and medication to help her get better. How every much you can spare to help us help Sarai, we would gratefully accept! 

Please donate, its set at $5 but you can add multiple lots of that if you can donate more. 

We can only help dogs like Sarai because of your donations.

Thank you for your donations and support. We will keep you updated with Sarai's progress and cant wait to see her living her best life! 

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