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Small Dog Clothes



Various Small Dog Jerseys, all brand new. 

Forest green dog hoodie: XXS XS S M
Beige: XXS XS M
Pink: XXS XS S M
Pink/Yellow/Blue Pastel hoodie: 2M S 2XS 2XXS
Yellow/Green/Blue Pastel hoodie: XS XXS M 2S M
Moss Teddy Jumper: 2S 2M 2L
Pink Teddy JUMPER: S M L
Pink Fleece Lined Jacked, button: 2S
Blue bunny ear hoodie: XS S M
Grey bunny ear hoodie: XXS S
Grey Dino Knit Sweater: XS S M
Brown and Grey Knit Sweater: XS

SKU: 10000-145 TAG: For Your Dog

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