Want to Know More About Fostering?

Thanks for checking out what is involved in Fostering! 

Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming (CDRRNZ) is based in Auckland – where most of our work is done.

Without our fosterers we would not be able to rescue and re-home as many dogs as we do.

As a CDRRNZ fosterer you may be dealing with dogs that are fearful, anxious and/or reactive. New situations can be scary, and it will take the dog time to adjust to being part of your family, usually between 2 weeks to a month. It’s important that you take things slowly, allow the dog to settle in to your home, and don’t be too eager to get the dog out and about meeting new people and dogs, or going to dog parks etc.

What We Supply

CDRRNZ will supply some food at the drop off, and you can let us know when you are getting low so we can get you more! 

We give you everything the dog could possible need;

  • Bedding Collars/leads
  • Flea/Worm treatment
  • Crates as required
  • Enrichment, toys, treats and all sorts of other goodies as and when they are donated.

Please note: it is essential that when the dog/pup is alone at home they are not left outside. The dog/pup must live indoors and sleep inside. Please let us know if you have special circumstances.

Although we cover vet fees, we may need you to pop to the vet for checkups, vaccinations, or anything else the dog may need.

In cases where our dogs are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you do not expose them to other dogs or take them to dog parks or parks etc as they may pick up diseases like Parvo, Kennel cough etc. Taking them for small walks around your street is fine, but please be aware of them sniffing and DO NOT let them eat anything whilst out walking. They must be kept on a leash.

The dogs will be registered with Council and you will have a council tag, and a name tag provided.

We have copious amounts of information and training tips that have been provided by our fabulous trainer/volunteers. Please let us know if you need any of this. Some information can be found on our Facebook ‘Foster Support’ group page.

Behavioural Issues

You may have to deal with dogs that are not toilet trained, so patience is a must! Puppies are generally the ones who take the longest. We have found with our older dogs it doesn’t take long to toilet train as they are so used to being chained outside and toileting in the one spot!

You may come across some behavioural issues which we will help you deal with as best we can. We have a trainer who works with them if needed, however we do need you to help with some basic training on your own. Any dogs with noticeable or severe behavioural issues tend to be fostered with our more experienced fosters.


It may take up to several months to rehome, so you need to be able to give a full commitment to the time it takes re-homing the pup/dog – which may include people coming to see the dog. We have had issues in the past of people willing to foster and then it being “too hard” and asking us to find another home for the dog. We understand how much work is involved in fostering and we appreciated the effort our fosterers put in to working with and rehabilitating these dogs, but please understand it is extremely frustrating and time consuming for us with our small amount of fosterers available and large number of dogs needing foster homes. It is also hugely unsettling for the dogs being moved around so much

So please take the time to consider if you have the time, energy and determination to help a dog who really needs it. The experience is so rewarding and your foster dog will ALWAYS remember who you are and how much love and care you showed them.  Seeing a dog you've helped living with their forever family is the best part of this! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.                                                       

Email: foster@chaineddog.org.nz               

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I work full time? Can I still foster?

YES! Absolutely. Aside from the odd dog that requires someone home part of the day, the rest are all ok while you are at work.

Depending on your location and availability we can arrange a dog walker/daycare to help out as well.


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