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Teefers Sticks - All Natural Dental Sticks


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Teefers Sticks are a new concept in dental health with minimal, all natural, high quality New Zealand ingredients that your dog will love. 

Our special process helps long-lasting Teefers Sticks separate into fibres as they are chewed rather than chipping, making a safer treat.

The parsley crust is shown to improve doggy breath, and Manuka Honey adds antibacterial and antiviral properties to help break down plaque while aiding gum and mouth infections.

Each packet contains 5* sticks and weighs approximately 60g. Each stick is about 10cm long.
*Except for the few packets that contain 6 because some of the all natural Teefers Sticks have come through the process a little small.
Full Ingredients:

  • NZ Grass-Fed Beef Tendon
  • Manuka Honey
  • Parsley
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