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The Original Trainers Pouch


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The Trainer's Pouch has been designed in Australia by professional animal trainers to make life easier for trainers in the Animal world!

As a rescue we endorse this product, and it is our "go to" for training. We love the ease of use, durability, and how easy it is to wash and keep clean. You can't go past quality like this! 

The Trainer's pouch is:

  • Made from high-quality BPA Free & Non-Toxic Silicone making it very safe for all animals
  • It is Flexible making reinforcement quick and cleaning easy
  • It is Non-porous and does NOT absorb odours or promote mould growth
  • Suitable for all Wet & Dry animal treat types including raw meats & fish
  • It is very Durable, Practical & has a Professional finish so suitable for all animal industries
  • Comes with high quality easily adjustable belt
  • It is Waterproof & Dishwasher Safe (top shelf) making cleaning a breeze
  • Great size, holds up to 4 Tennis Balls and 4 Cups of Food
  • Doesn't fall off and treats don't fall out
  • Fits onto any standard belt 

Further information:

The Trainer's Pouch is approximately 12cm H x 15cm W x 7cm D
The high-quality Trade belt is 130cm in length (one size available)
Price includes The Trainers Pouch & belt in Black

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