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New Zealand Animal Rescues & Agencies

Looking for a dog/cat to adopt, and we don't quite have one that suits your needs?

Looking to do some hands on volunteering, but we are too far away?

Looking to foster, but we aren't in your area?

Prefer cats to dogs? (Don't worry, we don't judge ;) )

Then one of the rescues below should be able to help.  

We work with many other ethical rescues, and love getting the word out there about the work they do, so check them out! We are not affiliated with these rescues, but have witnessed just how incredible they are so want to share that with everyone. 

What's an ethical rescue you might ask? These are rescues that do all the right things for the animals in their care - desex, vaccinate, microchip, register, and look after the dog they adopt to you forever, which means a trial period, and the ability to get help if you need it and return the dog should you need to.  These rescues are all about the dogs, and what's best for them, no matter what.

This is not every rescue, and we will add to it as we go along, so keep checking back! 

There are some fantastic agencies out there doing incredible things to help rescues. 

Check them out below, and go and support them!


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