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Murdock & Page



Meet our sweet little brother and sister duo - Murdock and Page! 

The are both super sweet, loving, friendly, happy little chappies. Both are great with other dogs and kids. They haven't been tested with cats. 

Page is a little softie, very sweet, confident and placid and loves people. She is a good learner and has taken everything in her stride. She is very easy going and charms everyone she meets. She is the ultimate 'good girl'. She loves her brother and gives him a lot of comfort and support. 

Murdock is gentle, funny, friendly and loving. He is blind and as you would expect, takes a little bit more time to adjust to new people and places, but once he does there's absolutely nothing stopping him! He loves his people, once he knows your voice and knows he can trust you he's your best friend. He loves being outdoors or snuggled up on his bed. He spent the first few days in his foster home getting to know the layout of the house and outdoors and once he had it sussed he was away.

Because of their amazing bond and the support they give each other we are looking to rehome them together. We are looking for a special family for Murdock and Page, someone who has patience, acceptance and understanding that it will take time to build trust and teach Murdock all the things he needs to feel confident in his surrounds. While Murdock is great in his foster home, going to new, unfamiliar places can be scary, so he needs someone that he can build trust with to teach him things at his own pace while gently encouraging him. 

These two are a dream, they will provide so much love and happiness to their new family. If you would like the adopt this dynamic duo then please apply below. 

Can't adopt Murdock & Page? You can still help.

Although we charge a small adoption fee, this doesn't generally cover the costs of us getting our dogs ready for adoption. Desexing, grooms, vet care, vaccinations, registration, training and variety of other things can go into these dogs. If you'd like to help either on a one off or regular basis we would be grateful for your donation.


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