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COVID-19 Information

We just want to extend a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has thought about us, and our dogs, during this incredibly difficult time.  We appreciate all of the offers of support and help, and it makes us happy to see so many people wanting to genuinely help the dogs in our care.

This is an ever-changing and evolving time we are working in, so we will adjust and adapt as needed, however our prime goal is ALWAYS the dogs wellbeing, and the safety of society as a whole. 


With recurring options, several people have reached out to confirm availability to foster while working from home. We appreciate the offer however we do need to make it clear that fosters need to be able to commit to fostering until their foster dog is adopted. This could be for a couple months, six months, or a year... we can never truly know. So, we need fosters who are able to commit to a dogs care and provide long term stability. Our dogs are rescues who may have "quirks" and we need people who are willing to help work on these, with guided training and patience.

We are concerned that accepting short term fosters would mean that there will be a flood of dogs urgently needing new fosters at the end of lock-downs. We are also concerned about the impact this would have on our rescue dogs . It can be difficult for them adjusting to one family for a month or so and then having to re-adjust to a new foster, if they are needing to be moved. 

We do however, always need reliable, stable, long term fosters in our database and would love to have those of you who can commit to this! If you would like to learn more about fostering please check it out HERE

We will processing foster applications in case we have an emergency case and we will only operate under Ministry of Health guidelines.


We have limited space, and this is all dependant on foster homes being available and fosterers being well.

Please do contact us and we may be able to offer support in other ways if needed.
If you do need to surrender your dog please fill in the form on this page and we can discuss further


With the current traffic light system we are able to conduct Meet & Greets and adoptions, but will require masks and social distancing practice to be followed. At this stage there has been no decision on requirement of vaccine passes and we are seeking further clarification around this. We need to ensure the best decision is made balancing the health of our team, and any potential risk to fosterers, team and the public. 

All adoption processes are suspended immediately upon any lockdown announcements. Our dogs will not be moved from foster care during this time unless it is an emergency. Meet and greets will not be conducted during lockdowns. 

Please do not email us repeatedly asking to meet dogs, we will not be conducting any adoptions until it is safe to do so.

If you wish to adopt from us, you are still welcome to apply, and we will be in touch as we are able. If interested in any of our dogs, please check them out HERE

We understand that this is a stressful time for all and not everyone agrees, but we do urge you to be kind to our team while we navigate this.


Are you still sending out Online orders?

At present, yes. This may change and is dependent on our courier company, CourierIT/Aramex. Many couriers are declining to send any items that are not "essential". There is also the risk of transmitting the virus from people handling parcels to consider.

You may still order items and as soon as we are able to get them out to you we will do so. 


Events will be operated as per current traffic light status. 

Sausage sizzles are able to operate under all levels, but with restrictions as per MOH guidelines.

Please keep safe, only make necessary trips outside and enjoy this time with your furry and human loved ones.. Again, we thank you all very much for thinking of our dogs and we promise they are happy, loved and well-looked after, unaware that the world is full of chaos at present.

How Can You Help Us During Lockdown?


If you are in a position to be able to donate, any funds would be so gratefully received! If you are looking for a way to make an impact and assist us, please donate.

As a registered NZ charity, we are able issue receipts for all donations over $5.00.  This will ensure you receive 33% of your donation back, from the IRD. Simply email us with your name, account name, amount donated and postal address and we will email it back to you.

Donate by bank deposit to our Bank Account;

Account name: Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming

Account Number: 03-1556-0180187-000

Donate by Credit or Debit Card here:

Donation Page:

If you are not in a position to donate, please share our plight on your social media in the hopes it will spread our message further.


Due to the fact the virus can be spread on paper, plastic and fabric, to limit the risk, at present we are NOT accepting personal donations of food, collars, bedding etc.  

We are happy to take items shipped directly from suppliers or pet stores, however.


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