Colin has been on quite a journey since we’ve known him.

Originally he was in Silverdale Animal Shelter, and when the vet was checking him over to get him desexed and ready for his new home, they discovered he had a very serious and rare condition, persistent right aortic arch. This meant he needed surgery to correct or he would struggle to live a normal life.

Thankfully the amazing team at @albany vet hospital agreed to do this surgery, but in the meantime he needed to be on a special slurry diet to ensure he didn’t choke as this would have been the end of him.

Everything was set in place for surgery, and then lockdown happened so it couldn’t go ahead!

Luckily Colin hit the jackpot with a foster mum who is a vet nurse and she looked after him while the shelter waited for the country to open up, and a surgery date.

Colin has now had his surgery and has come into our care so he can be in a home while he recovers, and looks for his forever home.

He is healing well, and it looks like he will have no ongoing issues, so now it’s time to complete all the pieces in his puzzle and find him a forever home.

Colin is part collie and as such will need someone active who wants a sweet, funny friend. He is great with 99% of dogs and just loves life!
No cats for this guy, and no stock. Someone who wants a great companion or running buddy who will make you laugh every day is exactly what he needs!

If this boy sounds like what you’ve been looking for apply today!


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