Zara is one of the Goldies that recently came into our care and has been living her best life in foster care with her two other dog siblings. Zara has done well with her foster family and is really keen to find a family of her own!

True to her breed, Zara LOVES retrieving stuff – whether it be laundry, shoes, toilet rolls, bags or a lead, she will find it all and bring it to you! She also love her toys and will carry them around with her just to be sure they are within easy access.

She loves being part of a family and going on walks and adventures and is just delighted to be included in it all! Like the other goldies that have come into our care, Zara needed to lose a few pounds and needs her new family to help her continue on her weight loss journey by taking her for regular exercise and not indulging her with treats!

Zara is great with kids, and absolutely adores babies. She learns best from other dogs so we will be rehoming her in a home with another dog.

Overall, Zara is a loving, sweet and gorgeous girl who will make the best addition to her new family. If you can put in the time to continue to help Zara grow in confidence the she will repay you with all of the love and affection you could possibly ask for!

Cats fine, ducks are fun to chase.

This is what her foster mum said about her - "Watching Zara approach life is like she has a jukebox in her head always playing her favourite songs."

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