Hey awesome people! I've just come from Taupo Council Shelter to Auckland.

My name is Travis and I'm a two year old male Labrador cross. 

I’m a steady type of lad who isn't fussed by much, but I do like to keep an eye on things.  I am super smart and have lots of energy, so will need someone aware of this and willing to do lots of cool stuff with me. Maybe agility or something? I was tested by Search and Rescue and PASSED, but unfortunately they had no space :(

I’m okay with cats although it's best if you introduce them to me first. Same with other dogs - once I know who’s who then I’m pretty chilled. 

My ideal forever home is full of love and heaps of fun, so long walks and toys for me are a must! 

His foster mum wrote up a profile for him too.... 


High energy dog based on breed but pretty calm on a day to day basis upon settling. Needy and wants constant attention, will follow you around and just slump himself on the ground watching you. Nothing wrong with it 😊We have been doing trick training together which helps as well I think.

Naughty Behaviours

Can tell when he is bored because he is a chewer. Has nibbled the leg of the couch and the bedside table; only found the aftermath so didn’t get to tell him off. Very very minor in the grand scheme of things!
Mouthing: when I tell him off or shove him down off me / couch / etc. he mouths/soft bites me so I tell him off. Work in progress, this a new thing that’s popped up in the last week. Only happens in his excited state, doesn’t do this normally.


Out on walks he gets excited with other dogs and will sometimes bark at dogs passing by. He has been going out with Kims K9s and working on this though! 

Recall on long lead

Not too good due to distractions so I haven’t been letting him loose. Recall at home is really good!

Reactivity to cats/birds

Out on walks he doesn’t seem bothered by them nor by our neighbour’s cat. Yet to interact properly.

Toilet trained:

No accidents inside the house nor the crate (aside from marking)


Trying a makes-shift agility thing in the back yard with “over” ; Weave; Up (jump onto deck)

Scattering food for his dinner to slow him down and so he uses his nose

Tricks: thanks to Kimberly his “wait” is awesome! Trying to master “down” and now teaching him “roll”

Started using a clicker to see how it goes!


He smacks his lips when he’s hungry / treat time, super cute. Loves to cuddle and has to be physically touching you or else he’ll keep swatting you until he gets some attention.

Loves shimmy-ing his butt in bushes/trees. Will just twerk around and strut his stuff.

Demands attention by nudging his nose through your armpit and getting under your arm.

Cuddle bug, loves everyone.


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