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Spencer has been in our care for a small while and we are loving getting to know him.  He is fun and sweet, and makes us laugh every day! 

This dude now needs his new home! What does Spencer need?

He needs a home that understands structure and boundaries, and can continue the hard work his fosterer has put in. He's a great dog but is still very much a puppy so likes to test boundaries, and will need a home that is able to make sure he continues to grow and thrive and be the best dog. We know he's cute, but he does need to be told no sometimes! And no babying! This won't help him at all. 

Someone active. He has a lot of energy, so a home where he can get out for adventures and lots of walks would be great! And he LOVES toys. 

A home with time to continue training and teaching him all the things he needs to be amazing. 

He would do amazing in a home with another playful but balanced dog. A dog he can learn from, but also have fun with. 

No cats for this guy. 


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