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Name Pennys Puppies!



We have 4 new babies on the block, and they need names! 

Our team are tired as we are always naming dogs, so we think it's YOUR turn! 

For every $5 you donate you can suggest names for these little darlings, and we will select from these suggestions.

There will be a prize, but that's a surprise right now ;)

Leave your name suggestions in the comments, and which pup they related to (A, B, C, D). The colour of the heart tells you the sex of the pup.

Can't wait to hear your ideas! 


  • The names do not have to match or be related to mums name. We want them to have nice names that will hopefully carry them through life! 
  • One suggestion for every $5 donated. 
  • This closes Friday 8th December midnight. We will announce the winners that weekend
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