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Addies Walk To Health



Addie is a darling 12 week old Golden Retriever who was sold to a lovely family by a backyard breeder. They were first time owners and were not to know that these people were not doing the right thing.

It was apparent really quickly that Addie had serious issues with her front legs and was struggling to walk, and was really weak & fatigued. 

After visits to vets & specialists, x rays, medication and advice, it was clear that she would need ongoing medical help, and possible surgical intervention going forward. 

This amazing family reached out for help as they felt they were out of their depth, and we agreed to bring her into our care to get all the help she needs.  

This situation was heartbreaking for this family, as all they wanted was a great first pet for their kids to grow up with, and ended up having to make a decision they didn't want to make. 

Addie will need monthly x-rays, medication and assessment to see how she is progressing, and what the next actions are. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

This is where we need your help. 

We want to give this precious girl the best life, but we will need money to help do this. If you could spare even $1 this would help.

Let's make Addies Walk to Health happen! 

NB: Addie is not up for adoption at this stage.

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