Help Odin Get A Fresh Start



Our darling wee Odin came to us with a wonky leg, and although it wasn't causing him pain we still wanted to get him checked by a vet. 

After seeing a vet then an orthopaedic specialist we found out some not so great news. His leg was not able to be repaired. Even throwing all the money in the world at it wouldn't stop his pain, and would cause future issues and pain.

After going through the options it was decided that the best course of option was to amputate his leg.  This gives him the opportunity to have a full life! 

The cost of the amputation is around $2000, and we want to be able to get him to hydrotherapy to ensure everything heals well and doesn't affect his other leg.

Now we need to pay for it! 

If you could spare even $1 we would be grateful. This darling boy has his whole life ahead of him, and we want to ensure it's happy and pain free.

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