Beatrice Needs a Second Chance



There are days in rescue that just make you want to scream, and you lose all faith in humanity. 

Yesterday was one of those days. 

We were approached by Henderson Animal Shelter to help a wee dog that had just come into their care. They mentioned she had a few potential health issues, but when we saw pictures we were stunned. 

It was clear that she had suffered and been in pain for an extended period of time before ending up in the caring hands of the shelter. 

Her teeth were in a shocking state, and the stink of her breath suggested she needed urgent help. Her eyes were so cloudy it was clear she was partially blind. And then we saw her underside. She had a massive tumour that impeded her walking, sitting, and functioning normally. 

These things did not pop up overnight. They take time. They are not hidden issues. They are right there for anyone to see. And whoever “anyone” is didn’t care enough to help their dog be free of pain.

What has happened to Beatrice is abuse, plain and simple. 

She spent 3 hours at Hibiscus Coast Vets today getting checked out, and we now have a plan to get her healthy, and pain free. They believe her prognosis is good, and we are so relieved.
A dental and lump removal are first on the list, and ensuring her life is pain free is paramount.

Right now our team are really angry. Angry at anyone who thinks that treating their loyal, sweet family member like this is fine. 

We are also grateful. Grateful to the team at Henderson Animal Shelter for seeing beyond the pain and knowing there is a sweet dog who just deserves a 2nd chance. And grateful to her foster mum who said yes to taking her immediately and sat outside the vets for 3 hours today while they checked Beatrice out. 

Now we need to start Beatrice’s plan for her new life. This will not be cheap, but she will be worth it. 

Please consider helping Beatrice get all she deserves. Whether it’s $1 or $100, every cent helps. 

Welcome to the pack Beatrice, we will NEVER let anyone hurt you again! 

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