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On Sunday 13th June our team got a phone call they were not expecting, and it flipped our rescue on it's head.

A person we had been working with, and previously had 7 dogs relinquished into our care, had suddenly passed away. With a lot of dogs left on her property that needed help we leapt into action.

4 vehicles headed 2 hours away to the property, piled up with crates, beds, treats, leads, collars and a sense of trepidation.  Our team on the ground scrambled to find foster homes, and ensure they had all the food and equipment they needed for these dogs.

12 hours later 11 dogs were in foster homes warm and safe.

It has then been a mammoth effort to get urgent grooms for terribly matted dogs, and vet appointments and assessments for them all.

Unfortunately during this process one dog, Tilly, had terrible conditions that were unable to be rectified so we made the heartbreaking decision to free her from her pain.

The other 10 have numerous issues we are working through to get them ready for their next step, a forever home. On top of the usual food, vaccinations, chipping & registering, the list so far looks like this;

Ava - Dental
Boston - X Rays, Desexing
Briar - Groom, skin issues being investigated
Carley - Desex
Evee - Desex, dental
Innsjo - Desex
Rush - Groom, Desex
Shyla - Entropian, urgent dental
Stella - Groom, Skin issues being investigated
Zoe - Dental, Desex

None of these things were expected, but we want to help these dogs, so we need your help. If you can donate any amount it goes a long way to help these dogs who deserve so much more

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