Help Arthur Live His Life



Arthur came into our care after being found wandering and heading to the awesome team at Henderson Shelter. They reached out as he was in terrible condition and they wanted to make sure he was looked after. 

The vet estimated his age at between 5 and 8 years, due to his teeth and condition it was hard to tell.

Arthur has a clear limp, and doesn't use his back leg. After his first investigation by the vet they advised he would need an xray, but this could not happen until he was a little healthier.  It looks like he has received some trauma to the leg and it has not healed properly.

He also requires desexing, so will be getting the xray and his desexing operation at the same time. 

Just to make matters more interesting he has cryptorchidism which means his desexing operation is more invasive, and more expensive! 

Arthur is just the sweetest soul, and watching him come out of his shell and learn that humans are ok makes us more determined to ensure he gets the absolute best. 

So we need YOUR help.  We need to raise money to pay for his desexing and x rays, and then possibly more treatment for his leg after that. 

If you can spare even a $1 we would be so grateful! 

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