Please Help Henry!



Henry came into our care a few years ago, and was adopted by his foster parents after they couldn't bare to see him go anywhere else. Since then he's scared them with a couple of emergencies, the latest one this past weekend. 

Although his parents don't like asking for help, we really want to give them a hand, as they do so much for us. They run round the country picking up dogs that come into our care, and are often the face of the rescue at the events. Their contribution to saving dogs lives is incomparable, and we are so grateful for them.

So now it's time we can give back!  Henry decided to swallow some dog roll (ironically, that had been donated to us!) without unwrapping it, and subsequently it got stuck and he was in a lot of pain! He was rushed off to ARC in Albany on Thursday which began a few days of stress and worry for his parents. 

We have outlined the entire timeline below, but we would love it if you could show some love to these lifesavers (in every sense of the word) and help with their vet bill. Even $5 would help <3

We want to send a huge shoutout to the team at Animal Emergency Centre for looking after Henry and making sure he is still around a while longer!  

Henrys Weekend!

Thursday 3pm- started vomiting went to ARC was sent home after being seen
Returned back to ARC after an hour of being home. Stayed in 2 nights there had 2 X-rays, ultrasound, biopsy of spleen, left on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning - Was dribbling, struggling to walk took him to AEC (VSG after hours) they released him same day with options.

Sunday morning - went into Animal Emergency Centre at VSG for X-ray and surgery, had plastic and metal removed, spleen removed and some abrasions sorted from previous surgery.

Will probably be home tomorrow (Tuesday)


ARC $2800
AEC $5000

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