Ozzies Operation



Ozzie has just come into the rescue, and at the age of 6 is learning all about what it means to be an inside dog.  It's safe to say he's learning fast too! 

When we got Ozzie it was apparent that he had a pretty sore leg, so we whipped him off to the vets for x rays so we could start making a plan for him. 

On 5 August he had his x rays and the call from the vet wasn't quite what we were expecting. Between the loose patallae, bow legs, lesion on bone and various other things we did hear one really sad thing. At some stage Ozzie has been shot with an air rifle, as there is a slug pellet embedded in his leg. 

What we don't know, or understand, is why someone would do this to this sweet boy, who does nothing but give out love to everyone who meets him.

What we do know is that Ozzie deserves to be pain free, and that looks like it will involve surgery.  So while we wait for the specialist to give the final diagnosis and plan, we are getting the money together to make it happen! 

We would appreciate your support, whether it's $5 or $500, EVERY CENT COUNTS 

We will update this listing as we know more, and go through Ozzies journey to happiness with him <3

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