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Maisie is a dog that has come into our care thanks to the amazing team at Silverdale Animal Shelters, who wanted to give her a good chance at a great life.

But first step is to get her back to health and in tip top shape! 

Maisie has started at 33.7kg when she should be 20-24kg!!! 

She also needs a back tooth removing, so as you can imagine there are some costs involved. 

We would love it if you could spare any amount to help us make sure Maisie gets everything she needs to ensure she will get to the best of health all ready for her forever home. 

Costs include;

  • Vet Costs
  • Hydrotherapy (due to pressure on her joints, hydrotherapy is a good safe exercise for her)
  • Dental Work
  • Supplements 
  • Weight Loss Food
  • Anything else she may require

Keep an eye on Maisies Facebook Page HERE for updates on her progress! 

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