Sadies' Vet Bill Help



Meet our newest wee addition to the CDRRNZ family. This is Sadie.

Sadie was surrendered to the Silverdale pound with a nasty leg injury. It was clear she had a broken leg in the past and no one had had a vet look at it, or help!  She now does not use this leg, and it is a constant source of pain for her.

This aside, Sadie is quite the delight and they reached out to see if we could help and of course, who could say no to this little face.

Sadie is now in a foster home and has been for her vet check so a plan can be put in place for her recovery, and happy future.

These X Rays show the extent of her issues, and it doesn't take an expert to see where her problems are.

This week Sadie will be back off to the vet where she will become a tripod.  Losing a leg won't slow this active wee girl down one bit, in fact we know it will give her the freedom to enjoy life pain free.

Now we need to start fundraising for Sadies care & operation. Costs so far have been estimated at nearly $2,500! But we know she is worth every cent.

We are so grateful to the amazing Silverdale Pound staff who wanted to help this beautiful wee girl and reached out to us. You are all so incredible and caring.

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