Want to know more about adopting from Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming?

Thank you for considering adoption!  We have some amazing dogs, and can’t wait for you to meet what will hopefully be your new furry family member!

Once you have returned your Adoption Application Form, we can discuss which dog is most suitable to your life/family situation, and arrange for you to meet the dog and see what you think.  We need you to bring along all members of your family, including any other dogs, with you.  This is to ensure everyone loves the dog, and that he/she loves all of you too! 

If you love the dog as much as we hope you do, and you would like to adopt, we will then arrange a property inspection.  When doing a property inspection we take the following into consideration;

  • There must be a sufficient amount of grassed area for dog to toilet on
  • Section must be fully fenced and have no gaps/holes for dogs of any size to fit through and be of a suitable height.
  • There must be somewhere for a dog to seek good shelter from the elements if outside during the day
  • Somewhere warm and safe for dog to sleep inside at night
  • The property must be owned by those seeking to adopt a pet from CDRRNZ, unless under exceptional circumstances.

So you pass the property inspection with flying colours, and want to know what’s next?  Good news, you can now take your dog home on a trial!   We always suggest a trial, as it’s good to have a dog in your home environment to ensure they fit in, and work with your lifestyle and family.  This trial is usually a couple of weeks, as it gives the dog, and yourselves, time to adapt and deal with the big and exciting changes in your life.

All going well after the trial, you want to adopt?  Great! Now there’s just the paperwork, and adoption fee, to be sorted.  Easy!

Our standard adoption fee is $300 which covers microchipping, full vaccinations, desexing and council registration costs(current year up to 31 June only)

But it doesn’t end there! We can help with anything you may need, from behaviour help to advice on kennels, vets, daycares, or anything in between.  We are always available to help!

And we want to hear from you! We love success stories, updates and photos.  Feel free to send them as often as you like. There is nothing more we love hearing about than one of our dogs having the amazing life they deserve.

Again, thank you for considering adoption through Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming.  You won’t regret saving a life, and the dog you choose will be forever grateful and love you for a lifetime.

Any further questions please contact us on adoptions@chaineddog.org.nz 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you adopt outside Auckland?

ABSOLUTELY! Perfect homes can be anywhere. As long as you follow all of the adoption criteria, we are happy to consider a home anywhere in New Zealand. We have had some hugely successful adoptions in the South Island.

Not sure what dog you want to adopt?

We can help you!  If you fill in our application form, we can assess what kind of dog would suit you. At that stage we can either sort a meet and greet with an existing dog, keep you on file, or suggest another dog! 


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