Paddy has an incredible story.  He was living next to the Kopu-Hikuai Road for at least a year, and no one could capture him. Too smart for traps, too untrusting of humans. Luckily for him there was an officer from Thames Council called Rebecca who desperately wanted to help this boy, so he didn't end up run over, or hurt. 

Rebecca visited the site regularly to leave food out for the dog she now called Paddy, sometimes catching a glimpse of him as he waited for the morsels she left. There were many stories about this boy, and the community was concerned about his wellbeing, but a dog isn't the same as a human, you can't just tell him you are ok and get trust. This takes time. And Rebecca found that time.

After a while Paddy started inching closer as Rebecca sat and talked to him, bringing her dog along to help coax him out, as he adored the company of other dogs according to the stories of those who walked their dogs near there. 

After a year of visiting, along with another lovely Angel called Wendy, Rebecca got her chance. She and her amazing workmates managed to capture Paddy and get him to the shelter to help him take a step to his new life.

Once he was in the shelter Rebecca went in his area to say hi to this boy she had grown to love. After about 5 seconds it turned out he loved her back just as much. There were licks and smooches from Paddy to his saviour.  Needless to say Rebecca was pretty happy.

We were so honoured to be asked to help this boy out, and he is currently at Cassies Canines learning to trust and get ready for a new home.  

Although he is not up for adoption yet, we are taking expressions of interest. 

What does Paddy need in a home? Someone to take him on walks, and adventures. Someone who is willing to take things at Paddys pace to build his trust. And mostly, someone who will love him for the rest of his life. 


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