Oakley recently came to us with a few other Retrievers. He wasn’t in the best state when he arrived and needed some medical treatment for his skin and ear which has all been taken care of. He is now chomping at the bit to find his forever home!

Oakley’s foster mum describes him as cheeky and goofy and says “This boy has personality plus and has us laughing daily. If anyone has lost a sock, weather they know it or not Oakley will find it. If he isn’t “helping” picking up things around the house this goofy boy is playing in the backyard. He has mastered zoomies and loves having a dance party rolling in the grass to celebrate.’

Oakley is great with other dogs and amazing with people.

It would be great if he had another doggy mate in his new home but this isn't a must have like the rest of the Retrievers. Will push boundaries if given a chance so a switched on family or couple would be perfect.

Oakley is looking for a home with people that have patience and understand that he still has lots to learn. But, if you are willing to help him learn and grow in confidence then he will provide you with endless love, affection and laughs!

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