Nova is one of the Retrievers that recently joined our pack and has been learning a lot in foster care and coming out of her shell more and more each day. She is now ready to find her forever home and get settled into the best that pet life has to offer!

Nova is a curious girl and loves learning and observing but will take her time to try new things. She lives life at her own pace and builds confidence slowly but surely. She will need someone patient however firm, so she doesn't turn into a little brat from being mollycoddled.

Like most Goldies, Nova loves the water and will be found on hot days lying in her pool in the pack yard.

She is learning all about the hustle and bustle of suburban life and is getting used to the noises but sometimes new things can be a little scary.

Nova has done well to lose some excess weight in foster care but this will be definitely something that needs to continue. A contributor to this has been her learning to exercise and go on walks which she loves.

Ultimately, Nova is looking for a forever family who will be patient with her while she continues to learn and grow in confidence, taking things one step at a time. She has been living with other dogs and we are looking for a home for her with an existing well balanced dog.

She has met kids and LOVES them! 

If you are willing to put the time and patience into helping Nova settle into your home then she will repay it 100 times over!

Apply to adopt her now.


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