Millicent aka Millie is one of the dogs we removed from a hoarders property, a home she was born and lived all her life. As such she came to us with fear of the outside world and all that lay in it. 

Thankfully her foster mum took her on and has dedicated her time to building her confidence and getting her to a good place physically and mentally. Seeing this shut down wee girl go from constant frantic stress to being happy and running round with her friends has just been incredible.

This means we are looking for a VERY special home for Millie so that she can continue to thrive. 

She is looking for a home that is patient and is able to continue her confidence building so she can be the best dog we know she is. Someone who is confident and experienced and understands that she boundaries and structure NOT mollycoddling and sympathy.  She may not like you a lot at first and you need to work to build that trust while also balancing this with giving her space.

She is a really active wee girl, and needs a home that provides her with plenty of exercise.  She would love a dog friend as well, and is not phased by size, but will need to be well balanced, social and nicely behaved so she can learn from them.

She needs a nice quiet environment so she can continue to get better, ideally this would be rural as she struggles with "city noise".  In saying this she will need secure fencing until she has built a relationship with you.

She will not be rehomed with children. 

We know this seems like a lot, but it's important we set Millie up to succeed in her new home. She has come SO far that we are not willing to risk her slipping backwards. Millie has a lot of people who have helped her and love her, so we will be making sure her next home is the BEST home.

If you fit this description and are willing to put in the time, with our full support, what you will get is the sweetest, happiest, funniest wee soul who will delight you every day! 

What we need in a new home is not negotiable so please do not beg or abuse us if you are unable to provide this! 


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