Innsjo (pronounced Innsher) is one of the lucky 11.

She is very lucky to be able to join Aspiring Canines in beautiful Otago for some training, build confidence, trust humans and getting ready for her next step, a forever home! 

She is dog social and has been exposed to all sizes of dogs with no issues.

Innsjo is looking for a home to provide her with exercise, boundaries, structure and a safe place for the rest of her life! 

Innsjo has come into our care timid and undersocialised in the big wide world, so will require someone with patience and consistency to help her gain confidence. She is not going to be an off lead dog immediately and you will need to do long line work to build her trust.

She has met a few cats and was a bit scared so can't imagine issues there.

We believe Innsjo would be a great family dog, and would love an environment with kids and being part of all the adventures that come along with it! 

Although she has look and breeding of a shepherd, she has had a very unusual upbringing and environment so is not like "normal" shepherds and requires understanding around this. So if you are looking for a shepherd like you had growing up, or that you've always dreamed of Innsjo is probably not the dog for you.  This beautiful girl needs a very special home to help her thrive and grow.

NB: Please do not contact our foster parents or trainers directly. Our adoptions are run via the official application process, and if this is not followed it will deem your application null and void.


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