Geoff grew up in an environment that was deeply unhealthy.  Living on the end of a chain, in his own filth and dirt. Not enough food, no medical treatment, no walks, and no love. 

Thankfully an Angel called Kim came along and helped release him from this life. With wounds on his neck from his tight collar, terrible skin issues, and incredibly skinny, she reached out to us for help. 

Luckily we had just had a space come up with one of our trainers, so we agreed to take him on. 

He is a boy who has been taught nothing, but is so eager to please. 

We know he loves dogs, and humans. He needs someone to help him learn the world is ok, and give him the structure and boundaries he needs to be the best boy. And no more chaining. This boy deserves a life free of shackles, and to live with people who love him.

He has not been tested with cats, stock or kids at this stage as we do not wish to overwhelm him.

At this stage he is not up for adoption, but we are taking expressions of interest for when he is ready. 

Geoff Enjoying His Best Life

Geoffs Life Before Rescue


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