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Freja has been in our care a little while working on some behaviours and getting her ready for rehoming. We know she's cute and little, but she has needs that must be met.

So what can we tell you about our wee dot?

Very sociable around everyone; people, dogs, kids, and cats are no issue.

Needs work on calm energy!! Someone who will encourage down time periods and work on calmer energy when she sees something exciting (especially dogs while on lead). She's very trainable and smart, so will need stimulation during day as well.

Will need an active home. Has loads of energy that will otherwise be destructive, and get her used to new environments and situations.

She still occasionally gets spooked but bounces back quickly. Very affectionate, which is awesome, but needs someone strong enough to establish boundaries in home especially around space and affection (otherwise will become more nutty / separation anxiety will rise).

She needs someone patient and consistent when it comes to her vocalizing as well.

We are looking for an experienced home for Freja, ideally in dog behaviour, and someone able to meet all of the things she needs. Absolutely no soft homes or people who mollycoddle her, no one likes a bratty small dog! 


Can't adopt Freja? You can still help.

Although we charge a small adoption fee, this doesn't generally cover the costs of us getting our dogs ready for adoption. Desexing, grooms, vet care, vaccinations, registration, training and variety of other things can go into these dogs. If you'd like to help either on a one off or regular basis we would be grateful for your donation.


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