Duke had an epic adventure to get into our care. After finding space we needed to fly him up here from Christchurch, however that was just before we went into lockdown so it was a stressful 24 hours hoping Air NZ would let him on the plane, and ensuring everyone was following the Covid restrictions. 
With some stress, some breath holding, and a LOT of organisation we got him here! 

Duke is a soft, sweet boy who loves other dogs, and his people. He has been exposed to dogs big and small, and humans big and small! As long as he has a good intro he will be happy as. He definitely doesn't want dogs rushing into his face without warning, but who would! 

He loves toys, treats and going out for walks and adventures. 

Give this boy exercise, structure and boundaries, and he will be the best companion you can imagine! 

He isn't a fan of cats though! 

We asked his foster mum what she would write on his profile. This is what she said:
"Meet Duke! If this was his Tinder profile, he would definitely be holding up a fish. Duke is a rough & tumble man, ready to be your best mate, do anything & go anywhere with you.
His therapist says he has no comprehension of personal space, but Duke would say he’s just testing the ground near you to make sure it is stable for you to step on, you’re welcome.
Do you like soft toys? Then you will love this big man. Behind his Arnold Schwarzenegger build you will find the giant teddy bear of your dreams."


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