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Doug has been in our care for a wee while, working with a trainer to get him in tip top shape for his new home. He came to us very unsure and wanting a bit of direction and guidance, and to learn things like grooming were not scary! He's been doing great in foster and is now ready for a new home.

Doug is looking for a new home!

Doug is a 4 year old chihuahua x papillon who has the polite manners of an older dog but the playfulness and size of a puppy. Doug is a good boy who loves to sleep in his crate, go for neighbourhood walkies and is toilet trained. Doug is looking for someone who will buy him fluffy toys that he can play with all day. Someone to play fetch and tug with.

Doug is neutral with all dogs and with the right friend will even be playful with them. Doug is NOT okay with cats and wouldn’t be suitable to a household with young children. His ideal home is an active, experienced owner(s) who want to continue his training and take hime on adventures.

Doug is very friendly and affectionate to people and has a huge silly personality that will bring lots of laughter to your household.

Can't adopt Doug? You can still help.

Although we charge a small adoption fee, this doesn't generally cover the costs of us getting our dogs ready for adoption. Desexing, grooms, vet care, vaccinations, registration, training and variety of other things can go into these dogs. If you'd like to help either on a one off or regular basis we would be grateful for your donation.


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