Doug has been in our care for a wee while, working with a trainer to get him in tip top shape for his new home. He came to us very unsure and wanting a bit of direction and guidance, and to learn things like grooming were not scary! He's been doing great in foster and is now ready for a new home.

We know he's cute, but he does need a specific home.

What does Doug need in a new home?

Someone experienced in dog behaviour and patient. Although Doug has been doing really well a lot of this is down to his foster mum creating a trusting and healthy relationship with him first. He will need someone understanding his needs and willing to put in the time (guided by our team) to build this trust, and realise he won't be perfect straight away and will need to trust you before you get to see his best.

No kids. Although he is now fine with kids when out with his foster mum, he's not a big fan of their sudden movements and grabby hands, so a home without them is best. 

Someone active! No sedentary homes for this dude. He goes out with a pack of dogs daily and has loads of energy! 

If you have a dog, great! Doug would love a doggy mate, as long as they are well behaved and balanced. 

No cats. This one is not negotiable. Doug is having none of it! 

Doug is amazing, now he just needs someone as amazing as his foster mum to give him the best rest of his life.


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