One of our dedicated volunteers had been visiting Chief weekly for over 2 years as part of our outreach programme.  Fussing over him, clearing up after him, generally showering him with love. Then one day she received the call that changed the world for Chief - his family decided they couldn't give him what he needed and he was relinquished to us to start a new life.

While Chief is doing remarkably, and he is good with other dogs, he is still learning about a chain free life and what lapping up the attention is all about so we are looking for a pet free home for him.  He is currently hanging out with Good Dog Training learning everything he needs to be the best dog! 

Chief needs a home where he will get good physical and mental stimulation as well as someone with the time and patience as he starts his new life, as so much is new to him.

Chief is the perfect reminder of why we do what we do, and knowing that while you can't change the world overnight you can change the world for one very lucky dog.


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