Charlie is our latest little friend to join the rescue, and he is adorable! 

He loves having doggy friends, but ideally if he has a new brother or sister they will be calm and be able to teach him the way of the world. 

He is awesome at playing fetch and can do this for hours. His toys are like gold to him, and he's totally gorgeous to watch!  He needs mental stimulation as well, as his little brain goes a hundred miles a minute! 

This wee dude just needs a comfy place to lie his bones, and some cuddles. He LOVES his people and giving them kisses, although it does take him a little time to trust, so he would need someone experienced with dogs who understands this and can work on it.

Charlie needs a home with NO cats.

Medical Issues:  Our little man needs to shift some weight, and is on a diet.  He also has luxating patallaes, however at this stage no surgical intervention is required. We will reassess this once he is down to his goal weight.  At this stage this just means no long walks, and ensuring he does not jar his legs jumping off things like couches, beds and cars. 


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