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meaning: All knowing

Meet Cato, a dog with an extraordinary spirit.

Despite being blind, Cato's zest for life knows no bounds. Cato can see dark/light and potentially shadows, but is essentially blind.

We're looking for an experienced individual who can provide him with the love and guidance he deserves, ensuring he's treated just like any other dog.

Cato thrives on structured learning and doesn't require babying; he's ready to embrace life's adventures head-on.

Ongoing training will be key for Cato's development, but with dedication, he'll flourish like any other dog. His ideal home would include another dog, as he adores the companionship and playful antics shared with his foster sister. 

He has not met cats, and older respectful children only. He will need a secure home also.

This wee guy has no other health issues apart from being blind, so has a long life ahead of him. Please think about this lifetime commitment before applying.

If you reside in Auckland and are ready to welcome Cato into your heart and home, please apply.

Can't adopt Cato? You can still help.

Although we charge a small adoption fee, this doesn't generally cover the costs of us getting our dogs ready for adoption. Desexing, grooms, vet care, vaccinations, registration, training and variety of other things can go into these dogs. If you'd like to help either on a one off or regular basis we would be grateful for your donation.


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