Bear came to us as he needed a bit of work, and thankfully the amazing Laura at Dogs By Design had an empty husky sized spot available! 

He has been with Laura refining his manners and getting on top of his anxiety issues, and now he's ready to leave the nest! We asked Laura about what his new home looks like and this is what she said;

⭐ Dog Savvy Home.
⭐ Calm but firm/confident owner.
⭐ Owner who runs or willing to purchase treadmill.
⭐ Needs further training for off-leash control and management around other animals
⭐ No cat will be easier.
⭐ He's social/playful but is cheeky and a bit rude with dogs, should improve with correct exposure.
⭐ He's fairly easy, but with a pushover owner or not enough exercise, rules and boundaries he will be a cheeky out of control shit 😅

That sums it up pretty well really! If you think you're up for the challenge apply now! 

In answer to a couple of questions we have received about this gorgeous boy;

  • Yes you will be required to go and meet him (and Laura) in Gore to see whether he is suitable. If you have an existing dog, they will need to go with you.
  • Yes we will provide training help to set you and Bear up to succeed if you are selected to adopt.


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