Our gorgeous Asha is part of the lucky 11, and is now looking for her forever home! 

She has been on trial and unfortunately this did not work out so we asked her foster mum to write her profile, so we could find her the right home. Not all dogs just adjust to new homes because a human thinks they should, so please read her profile and you will understand what this amazing girl needs.

Asha has gone through quite a bit of change so her new owner/s NEED to be confident role model/s. 
Will require a solid month of settling in to help build a strong relationship before rushing out and introducing her to other people or taking her too many places. You need to show her you've got her back. Don’t fast forward the settling in just because she 'seems chill'.  
Can be nervous around new men so again needs that strong relationship with her owners first. 
Why we love Asha
Has a lot of love to give, mind the paws though! 100% kept us laughing during lockdown with her goofiness. 
Seeing her smile over the simplest things.  
Walks well on a lead and loves to get out for a run to stretch her legs.
Walks very close to you when out and not always in a straight line so she bumps off you quite a bit. 
Recall is pretty good. 
Happily goes into the crate when asked or just to chill out. Likes to have her place or your bed. 
LOVES to be brushed, mainly I think just because it counts as attention. 
Really good with other dogs, loves going on pack walks. 

Overall just a sweetheart who loves to follow the sun and be with you. You and your pal Asha can do everything together. 

Could Improve
Early riser! Built in 6.30am alarm. Doesn't need toilet just wants to get into your bed. If you've left a door open, warn of incoming Asha, cause she comes flying. 
Can think she's a lap dog….definitely is not.
Bit submissive, gets told off and she goes into submissive straight away.
Can be pushy with food, needs a slow feeder otherwise she wolfs it down. 

Less keen on the bath and will try get out. Was a 2 person job in the beginning but now she tolerates it. Just don't turn your back or she's outta there!
A towel on the floor of the bath helps her so she doesn't slip and this helps the overall bathing experience. 
Asha has been such an easy dog as long as you don't rush her settling in. You have to acknowledge that she hasn't had the easiest life and been through a lot of change so she needs time to trust you'll always be there. She deserves the best home as she is just the biggest sweetheart and such a good all rounder. She slotted into our life really easily. 


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